Episode 084: A Handsome Woman

4dd54e8046f546f9e5db6ae9001598abThis episode contains: Bizarro PBS, Steven hates IPA’s, beer at lunch, Dorst is detoxing, Steven loves Pitch Perfect 2 but hates text messages, a capella singing, Pitch Perfect chronology doesn’t make any sense, feminists, Star Trek BDSM fan fiction, sexy brutal, Wacko of the Week, $200,000 Apple computer, Dorst is not a collector, He-Man toys, everything Dorst owns fits in a Tupperware box, Julia’s first present, Bernadette, Julia and Ben origin story, we get racist… again, Orphan Black, Big Trouble in Little China, Dwayne Johnson is the biggest star in the world, “Ballers” on HBO, Caitlyn Jenner, Steven didn’t know what POTUS was, Jamie Lee Curtis naked, transgender communities moment, internet meme safety video, live show tease, Steven thanks a mystery person.


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