Episode 088: See You Next Tuesday


Recorded June 27th, 2015

This episode contains: Back to the Future joke, Steven never lived in Oceano, telling time, Maureen is scared of the internet, cursing, favorite words, Bubba curses, irony, Bridie, more dentist’s, professionalism, new toys for Dorst, BS Podcast Network, nerds, Mexican Italian, farts are funny, Steven is nervous, Hawaii, telescopes on Mauna Kea according to Michelle, shitting on the people of Hawaii, SCOTUS ruling, same sex marriage, Maureen breaks down religion, bible talk, becoming a Christian, coming out to Maureen, God speaks to Maureen, menopause, Steven & Ben won’t live to see their wives “change”, C-word, night sweats, the stages of menopause, migraines vs. wrinkles, 107 years old, whiskey out of the bottle, dishwashers, Santa Maria, bad hospitals, Dorst’s bad hospital experience, catholic schools, working bingo, finding Jesus, digging through others people’s shit, Steven puts bad mojo on Dorst, Steven downsized his Lego’s, Steven the stay at home dad, Steven the writer, Naked & Afraid, Maureen topless in Mexico, old fake cans, Devon flexing, changing up SFP again, Henno’s letter, hair styles, Dorst comes up with a new song.


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