Episode 089: Womb Broom


This episode contains: Sloane is back, the elephant in the room, we thought Sloane died, back in Mexico, RSP is coming back, new host for RSP, Andy, professional man, non-ironic clothes, “real hipster”, first penis, big tits, squid dick, poor shafted Andy, Andy faking black, Maureen call back, 60 grit sand paper, Sloane on facial hair, Magnum P.I, Timothy Dalton, face pussies, hipster gear, sitting on beards, Sam Elliots mustache, mustache nicknames, Paul shaves his head, mid life crisis, pedophile pranks, Steven’s daughter, gushing on babies, sexy scientists, distracted by computers, mustache mustache titty, Sloane in Mexico, “Rent of Horse”, Sloane’s sister is too hot for Mexico, Mexican pharmacies, Mexican Xanax, Sloane wants to score heroin, dolphin sex, recapping the bonus show, cocaine and the 4th of July, Dorst loves cocaine, Mexican roofies, how to get downloads, work ethic, repartee, favorite parts of Reel Stupid, Reddit announcement.



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