Episode 092: Pretentious Cocktails


Note: Devon wanted to call this episode “Pretentious Cocktail Compendium for Imbibing on the Occasion of One’s 21st Anniversary of Birth” but he doesn’t get final say on that shit. -Steven

This episode contains: Guest host, Steven?, vacation, Jen and Devon, weddings, question popping planning, wedding v. marriage, asking father’s permission, commitment to each other before kids, 26 is the new 18, Devon’s wedding plans, bride and groom too drunk to find hotel after wedding, wedding size, what age to have kids, listener emails, Devon does know SFP’s email address, (ScienceFactionPodcast@gmail.com) quarks are cool, making fun of people who are spelling and grammar challenged, haven’t found the line yet, Steven is a Grammar Officer in the National Socialist German Workers Party, voice to text, “not bag on Steven episode,” bag on Steven, mobile toddlers, Fast and Furious, Devon loves Steven (Ben does not), Patreon, Devon has no say in business decisions, listener email re: turning 21 and drinking, why Devon did not drink until he was 25, will power/self-control for sweets and alcohol, popularity of smoking, age and drinking, binge drinking phase, 21 year-old girlfriend won’t buy underage boyfriend beer, Ben’s liver is drowning in alcohol and his veins run amber with beer, timing of recording and posting, recommendations on drinks for 21st birthday, Devon (5): Moscow Mule, citrus masks alcohol flavor, eating before drinking, preparing throughout the day for drinking, Ben (5): Fire Stone Easy Jack, session IPAs, half of the ABV than regular IPAs, helps you drink longer, Band the Drum Show teaser (we’ll be talking a lot about beer, a lot), beer tasting v. wine tasting, Devon (4): Kentucky Colonel, Benedictine liqueur, Ben (4): Smoked Porter, other porters (chocolate, coffee, peanut butter, etc.), Devon (3): Leather Bound Book, sipping drink, Cardamaro, Absinth rinse, complex alcohol pallet, Ben (3): Crown on the rocks, smooth sipping, Maple Crown Royal, Devon (2): Coke Zero and Tennessee Honey, sweet tooth, measuring shots for drinks, Kraken dark rum, Ben (2): Alabama Slammer shot, Southern Comfort, avoiding hangovers, Devon (1): Battle of Trafalgar, brings together tastes from all the regions that fought in the battle, Pimm’s No. 1, St. Germain, Batavia Arrack, honorable mentions (Old Fashion, Manhattan, Dark and Stormy, Blood and Sand, ciders), wine is not for your 21st birthday, get girlfriend lubed up, sex and drinking, “engage” Ben before he goes to bed, enjoy!

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