Episode 091: The Fight

angels bowling

This episode contains: Dropping Loads not doing shows, expensive Lego’s, Millennium Falcon, Martine’s graduation, “Too much money”, clown pictures, Fresno house, special guest, box from Amazon, Steven doesn’t know when to buy gifts, Steven almost chokes to death, Bang the Drum live show, Steven proposes to Martine story, validity of marriage, Devon & Jen’s wedding, Martine calls in, tailgating Devon’s wedding, new beer, Steven and Martine go to a bratwurst restaurant, waitress titties, big beers, Martine gets drunk, poopie diapers, first world baby problems, kid Star Wars, Bubba’s nighttime routine, poop looks, peoples overreaction to a little rain, lighting and thunder, “The Fight”, Ant-Man review.

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