Episode 094: Coming to America


This episode contains: We are joined by Dropping Loads, low key DLP, human hype machine, Milky and Pouch don’t do shows alone, 100th episode, live show prep, land lines, roosters in Miami, Santeros, Santeria, killing chickens, dead goat houses, Dorst is out, DLP Halloween specials, podcast in the name, Pouch hates Ming Chen, Ming Chen stories, threesomes, big penises, dick pics, shopping with mom, 100th episode premise, semi-permanents, Henno pics, Henno the mystery man, what makes you metal, Riff Raff, Ohio, Paco and SPJ, homeless men, Permanent John, Milky coming to America, forced english, 2nd episode of DLP, thick accents, sexual conquests, pimp hand, DLP in California, dirty cities, our fave cities in California, San Francisco, San Diego, Castro district, Haight Ashbury, rivers of shit, Ghostbusters 2, entering the country illegally, the process of becoming a citizen, Pouch is Thai, the Mayflower, Steven is Native American, buses from Argentina, Mexican as fuck, SPJ is fascinated with Steven’s last name, wife swaps, couch surfing, John is OCD, what John looks like, disappointed Dorst, Nicholas Caging, coke at concerts, Metal Ness, Pouch is in the friend zone, Dorst is a dick, the one, Skype pictures, Milky hates Florida man.

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