Episode 095: Live from Bang the Drum Brewery


This episode contains: Live show from Bang the Drum Brewery, Star Wars Disney, Toon Town, new Star Wars poster, we aren’t funny, Dorst takes anti-anxiety meds, Apple Store, migraines, cell phone tickets, we are nervous, America’s Book of Secrets, Free Masons, Steven dies on the vine, potty training, stunning your kids, questions from the audience, poetry, Haiku, Dorst’s last ticket, CHP, Steven doesn’t have weird sex, Dorst has “relations”, Jeremy saves us , technical difficulties, Where did BTD come from?  Nano brewery, micro/macro brewery, BTD growing, making chocolate, Jeremy is sexy, gateway sours, Waimea hops, Jeremy and Noelle’s favorite beer, nucleation glasses, EDC, molly, Origin of the BTD name, Cards against Humanity.

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