Episode 100: We are Old.

Statler and Waldorf bench

This episode contains: Celebrating, little kid soccer, Lionel Messi, Steven playing soccer, Edna playing soccer, Dorst’s break, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, recording RSP, 1989 Batman, so much Batman talk, The Shining, Steven thinks Dorst will hate it, remakes, Angry Birds, meat of the show, bullying, Edna at school, Julia at school, How do you stop bullying? Kids in sports, socialization, nature vs. Nurture, buying a house, starter homes, PBS house talk, Nick at Edna’s school, handicapped spaces in Russia, what do we know about Russia? Putin, disabled dating, KGB, The Americans, Nailin’ Palin, Destiny, a “small” synopsis, Fantasy Football vs playing video games, more Destiny talk, still talking Destiny, Minecraft still comes to Occulus, still talking Destiny, Occulus Rift for your phone, Steve Jobs, iPhone vs Android, our favorite moments, going through our library, theories about the Joker.

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