Episode 099.5 Penetrated Soul


This episode contains: Awkward conversation, weekend recap, Italian food, texting while driving, pissed off servers, no beers, Devon’s family, traditional wedding process, Grandma dates, expecting families, Devon’s mom loves Nicole, Devon’s family thinks he’s only dated one person, child conception, couch loving, stacked up like chord wood, Devon and kids, old shitty parents, Devon is a good babysitter, Devon drinks all the liquor, white Russian no white, time machine to relive childhood, penetrated souls, hangovers, Jen’s family, who is important family, Satanic wedding invitations, Daniel Radcliffe, Stephen King’s son, comic books, Horns, Volkswagen-gate, Devon chokes, cars that can cheat on tests, Ludwig’s fault, BB-8, kids destroy Devon’s toys, Emily walking, Devon having kids, Devon is a critic, San Jose is expensive, Steven mumbles, Devon and trans hookers, Steven got scared in Devon’s old neighborhood, PBS politics talk, spoilers Steven doesn’t follow politics, Steven is not registered to vote, talky things, Devon’s view on Trump.

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