Episode 102: Suns Out, Guns Out


This episode contains: Counting the episodes, Disneyland annual passes, supply & demand, shutting down the monorail, jobbing the system, scooters in Disney, fat shamming, fake tits, “Playing the Game” #nobraday, the NFL & breast cancer, pink skin, Steven lives in a bubble, pumpkin patch, potato patch, Clint & The Cubs, Back to the Future, Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars nerd, Battlefront modes, arcing loads, playing video games with listeners, Playboy giving up on nudity, naked celebs, reading Playboy, old media, Netflix & binge watching, Steven watched The Flash, The Walking Dead, CW makes good shows, Arrow is dark, Felicity is hot, Justice League, Jessica Jones on Netflix, Punisher on Daredevil, The Defenders, email from Criminal Justice Nick, Star Trek Bonus episode.


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