Episode 103: Petulant Child


This episode contains: Recording ads, writing copy, Irish On Fire, Lost at Home Podcast, Ghostbuster negotiations, Dorst bought a car, renting a car, Julia is sneaky, dealership shout-outs, kids are disgusting, Dorst is a child, car delivery, easy car purchases, adding flair to the car, the size of a Fusion, vanity plates, Steven sings, Blake Shelton, nod to the Ghostbuster’s , license plate frames, Star Wars trailer, official posters, we breakdown the poster, Abrams being secretive, lots of Star Wars nerd, BB-8, Lucas is a bad writer, Star Wars today, Han Solo, real effects vs. CGI, King Kong, Lord of the Rings on vinyl, kids watching T.V, predictions from the Star Wars trailer, What if we went in to the movie cold? Ep VII box office predictions.

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