Episode 106: Day of Release


This episode contains: Steven is pissed, Gamestop, Fallout 4, deluxe editions, pirated software, the deep dank web, SPJ, Red rooms, Dropping Loads, listening to podcasts, Starbuck cups, Wacko of the week… sort of, taking the Christ out of Christmas, social networking sucks, Jesus talk, what Starbucks cares about, marketers masturbating, Ben Carson and pyramids, don’t come to PBS for history, vaxer minimalist, “Cankles”, history of America, Steven blames famine on Jesus, Polly the Pitbull, rescuing animals, proper puppy care, Bandit the Bulldog, Shadow, giving up your dogs, cryotherapy death, fat treatments, doing a cleanse, Dorst’s weekend, going to football games, football fans, a genius idea

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