Episode 105: Bad Cop, Bad Cop

BCBC Logo_clean

This episode contains: Shit talking right off the bat, advertising opportunities, Jerry and Dave from The Bad Cop Bad Cop Show, hums, coming up with the idea for BCBC, Jerry and Dave origin story, the art of podcasting, topic tease, looking for condoms in Walmart, “Jimmy’s”, racist desserts, PA demographics, analogies, BSPN protocols, Jerry’s history, DJ, mom’s basement, radio dying, Dave’s life, Jerry is old, our kids, how the dynamic of the network works out, downer Jerry, inside podcasting, listener critiques, Jerry’s accent, Tina Turner, finding the line, Dave’s metal history, pasta sauce, more inner cookie of the boys, stay at home dads, crazy kids, church as a job, Macedonian, culture, plugs, wrap this bitch!

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