Episode 110: It Must Have Been Love


This episode contains: Rolling starts, Wookey Jack, English pints, old Dorst, show anniversary, healthy cakes, what people like, sugar, ketchup, time goes by too fast, Dorst’s birthday, Dorst the watch guy, family jokes, water resistant to 500 meters, drowning in pussy, Dorst the beer snob, tweeting during the show, Steven is done with nonsense, birthday gift recap, Steven’s grandma is spry, Alzheimer’s vs. Dementia, Little Golden Books, collecting, Dorst wants to start a dark collection, Gunner snores loud, It Must Have Been Love, Christmas tree farms, Dorst’s Christmas tree tradition, Iota Man is our number one fan, Iota has firearms, Dorst buys a crooked Christmas tree, Periscope talk, Periscope t-shirt contest, Man in a High Castle, Christopher Columbus, Bonus Show Idea!!

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