Episode 111: Fartrometer


This episode contains: Numerology, phone numbers, hot buttered rum, Dorst has a screwed up pallet, things about us, Dune is not good, Jessica Jones review #spoilers, ridiculous deaths, sound editing, shot gun blasts to the face, Dorst is not very trusting, the ending was disappointing in Jessica Jones, we both give the show 5/5, what’s going to happen in Luke Cage? What we think will happen in the Defenders, The Inhumans, Agents of Shield, the order for MCU, Dr. Strange, Deadpool, Steven chokes on his tongue, thermal imaging of a fart, steaming piles of shit, Ghostbuster nerds, Dorst makes a Ghostbuster’s prediction, Mocking Jay Part 2 is fine, Harry Potter, listening to books on tape, Dorst hates Dane Cook, Dropping Loads, Geek Dig and BCBC love, our first Geek Dig appearance, Man in a High Castle book club, Phillip K. Dick is weird.

Do you agree with everything we say?! Tell us!

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