Episode 118: Warlock B*****s


This episode contains: Steven is screwed up, Steven is sick, drinking tea, white tea, Steven doesn’t understand flavor profiles, Steven can’t focus, tea jokes, Down with the Sickness, lead singer for Pantera, Steven’s brain doesn’t work, white middle class males, Steven didn’t try hard, The WarPod interview, warlockentertainmentsystems.com, nicknames, Zach turns the interview on us, going blind, brew pubs, bad beers, naked twister, naked Tuesdays, more nicknames, home brewing, alcohol aversion, beer festival, bad jokes, brewing beer no one likes, beer punk, Steven doesn’t pay attention, Lego Dimensions, video games, Bitches Who Do Work interview, who’s speaking, Steven doesn’t know who Brian Williams is, putting together desks, burning mac and cheese, manuals, fancy jeans, making noise on the mic, swearing, Steven was a fat kid, Steven gets nervous, wombs, Steven is too awkward, the Netflix angle, XX, XY, XXY, Captain America might have 4 x’s.

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