Episode 119: Don’t Catch the HIV


This episode contains: We’re still having episode confusion, naming numbers with names, voting with your ears, we have a strong twitter core, shout out to @NjoyMyTeaBag our new #1 fan and Amish truck driver, there are beards and there are jew-fro beards, we love Tea-Bag Garrett’s Batman pedophile shirt, Julia’s sneezes sound like crying, cartoon sized TVs and video games on floors, Iotaman sends Ben trifling Periscopes, can you put weed smoke in your butt and get high?,  pulling back the meat curtains, Ben might have personally enjoyed some of the trifling periscope videos, Reverse Docking, Matt Damon might be CG, little bodies and big heads, Captain America and Chris Evans, if there is a dick on screen then Steven will look at the dick, the reason why we’re recording on a Thursday, a kind and genuine person passed away and Dorst reminisces, raise a glass of Grey Goose in his honor, re-connecting with family, phone calls and texts and drinking and AA, restarting your life, periscope screw ups, playing favorites and not being the favorite, the “when Bubba was born” story, when we should start having regrets, come for the dicks jokes and stay for the fatherly advice, Gmail and the spam and junk folder, Steven’s dumb pube beard, Steven gets an email from a lovely lady, periods and spacing, reading this email almost gave Steven a friggin’ aneurism, Dorst almost nails how this woman looks, Ben and Steven craft an email back to Sala live on the air, this email seems like scam but Steven hopes it wasn’t an accidental email, Dorst gives Steven the “most difficult Star Wars quiz ever,” spoilers: he gets 18/20 correct, this quiz makes Steven fully erect, this episode was almost called “The Galactic Jizz Wailers,” and finally we can’t remember how this episode began. Sorry Tea-Bag Garrett. Also, Thanks Jerry.

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