Episode 134: The Whole Tip


This episode contains: Dorst is still loud in his headphones, brand new member of the BS Podcast network, paudcast network, American Idol, you better be funny, trial by fire, Iota is watching, better numbers than ever, when we started no one would talk to us, the Twitter verse, juices are flowing, job interviews, didn’t hit record, audio issues, why is Larry podcasting? Stand up comedy, 60 second bits, verbal annihilation, still getting in trouble, let the cunts loose, God is dead, getting banned from Facebook, gay choirs, sexy music, Larry is from Texas, speech classes, accents, growing up together, CJN tease, stand up comedy, censoring yourself, Lone Star, failing on stage, we think our show is funny, not enough people showing up, evolution of ATWT, no homo, different approaches to the show, internet networks, doing a podcast by yourself, World of Warcraft, Raiders of the Lost Ark, CJN is young, Larry is old and has old kids, in the back of a Mitsubishi, conceived in a closet, what year were our listeners born? Questions from the peanut gallery, comedy is a grind, what’s next? Going terrestrial, radio from space, main source of income, career, succeeding at podcast, being popular and podcasting, per episode, podcast nerd, going viral on the internet, Twitter is good, how to go viral, new podcasts, famous people podcasting, people doing bad podcasts, our first podcasts, evolving your show, podcasts that are never released.

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