Episode 133: There’s Water in Beer


This episode contains: New promo, end of season bbq, Nipomo Phoenix, what happens to the banner, perpendicular, geometry, good time, how much did Ben drink, beer every 30 minutes, after party, beer pong, had enough day, keeping the kids out of the bounce house, watching kids in your bounce house, Dorst’s softball team may be a gang, girl fight club, uber competitive, soccer coach, playing catch, Steven changed his mind, car full of dicks, bad dick names, schedules, meth babies, Crank: High Voltage, Patreon bonus episode, how to write a RPG, faking it, extreme sex parties, Jennifer Lawrence, X-Men Apocalypse, Joy, Wolverine 3, what will it be about, Old Man Logan, Marvel movies have made 10 billion dollars, Batman vs. Superman, spoiling movies, Dr. Strange, Marvel cartoons, TV shows, World of Warcraft, Cumber bitches, ruining things on the internet, wall between Mexico and Guatemala, creating a fake meme, wall around California.

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