Episode 136: Puters Gonna Poop

2016-06-13 13.59.14

This episode contains: Steven is a technology person, explaining the mystery of computers, updating drivers, recording RSP, internet fairies, Dorst’s office is quiet, no more magic fairies, Sanjay Gupta, Dorst is mad, vocal processors, having a guest, unlimited data, phone hotpots, guest on RSP, Kinky Boots, new show to the network, Dorst may have a new crush, do work, Juan, Steven had to rebuild his computer, behind the scenes podcast talk, motherboard gone wrong, more frustrations, no fan, coming by carrier pigeon, shady New Egg accounts, Amazon is amazing, computer lineage, Dorst misses the point, who makes computers, everything is on Steven, tech talk, pooping on CJN, we are podcasters, rhythm to our conversations, tantric sex, we have talked to each other more than some people have talked to their spouses, lots of guests, Steven’s job does not pay, Emily is a parrot, Steven has a dinner time, kids swearing, what the for, Steven’s mom cursing, a reenactment of Steven’s parents, Steven as a child, being emo, watches, Muhammad Ali quotes.

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