Episode 137: Orange Faced Raccoon


This episode contains: Dorst is mad, more ridiculous computer problem, is it time for a Mac? Cost twice as much, no more virus’s, rough one, heart attacks, getting fired up tonight, Dorst has migraine, ocular migraines, incapable of focusing, little Ben, go move around, prisms, Dorst will eventually go blind, looking at porn like Daredevil, how Steven sounds in text, Dorst is over it, Orlando, racist bell, shooting stereotypes, ideal relationships, everyone is screaming about the wrong things, Dorst can’t take it anymore, How to catch Trump, they are both bad, internment camps, ISIS, The Kite Runner, how do we solve the problem? Gun control, Dorst was really loud, gay men can’t donate blood, Ryan White, go donate blood, UEFA 2016, Russians, Steven shares, repeating past mistakes, E3, Xbox Slim, customizable controllers, Project Scorpio, Zika virus, VR, teraflops, The Matrix, playing in the same room, cross platform play.

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