Episode 141: Manpunzel


This episode contains: Steven is going bald, shaving your head, thick flowing locks, growing a beard, beard supplements, Gnu’s and buffalo’s, Zootopia, biggest story in the world, UFC sold for 4 billion dollars, human cockfighting, Dana White, nice scores, UFC 1, old UFC rules, women peeing standing up, The Shenis, peeing on our logo, PokemonGo, Ingress failed, Pokemon is fun, not exactly a Pokemon game, being robbed while playing Pokemon, dregs of society, we can’t have anything nice, hatching eggs, gym battles, collecting stuff, Pokemon access our stuff, people getting sore from Pokemon Go, everything sucks, cross eyed titties, Steven is moving more now because of Pokemon, playing Pokemon while driving, Steven is Devon’s daddy, fapping to us talking, more Pokemon talk, Yellow Team, tip of the iceberg, Nerds, pulling back the curtain, old ads, it’s against the law to share passwords, Smen Porst, Amazon Prime, ordering beer through Amazon, beer sensors, Dorst is going to be a shut in, baby mushrooms, Amazon dash buttons, Predator, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke.

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