Episode 140: Mustang Sally


This episode contains: Steven banging, Henno, Ness, seasons, Miami seasons, Milky, sandwich, Steven’s AC, house things, what Steven does during the day, what a guy does, Emily’s room is hot, can’t afford to live in Nipomo, vanity plates, cousins, Twitter hate, listening to podcasts, generations, proof reading tweets, cursing vs. violence, random ads, Steven working on his car, Periscope show, life goes on, Mustang wiring, leaking fluids, brand new brakes, no seat belts, Dorst does nothing, Batman vs. Superman, emails, places don’t have internet, basic human rights, being with a squirter, holding your liquor, Nick on Periscope, drunk people, people on the internet are terrible, Steven loves a drop, email from CJN, eating a cheesecake, trapped under fat people, gay Dory, people are still stupid, scenario from CJN.

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