Episode 143: #MorePouch


This episode contains: Family dinner, drinking, Barrel House show, taking a day off, Bill Simmons we are not, Ben gets baited by trolls, Porn Hub and incest, turning off Periscope, soft openings, comments sections, Pouch, DLP, SDCC reporting, editing out mistakes, Lego Batman, Batman: The Killing Joke, comic book writers (Paul something…), Batman VR, Asians and cameras (“That’s racist”), more trolling, getting tired at Comic Con, AirBnb, being drained, BSPN panel, Blair Witch and Harry Potter, free food, South Park, Pouch loves Batman, life changing movies, the audacity of fanboys, Pouch’s food choices, email from Marshall, is he Eminem?, daddy issues, writing, Leviathan Wakes, origin of “you are a huge nerd,” plugs.

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