Episode 144: BarrelHouse


This episode contains: Live on location, George and Matt from the brewery, Devon is here, radio for the internet, stolen wort, gallons to a barrel, pomegranate stout, making bad beer good, bacterial fermentation, educated guess, gut feelings, copious notes, words that can’t be spoken, coming up with new recipes, snake bite, Bill Clinton’s favorite drink, Dorst would pee himself, crossover for beer/wine/sour, nailing it, expansion, going wild, spaghetti beer, spontaneous fermentation, beer microbiology, tomatoes to pineapples, 5000 barrels, Dorst can’t do math, wide distribution, 12 oz bottles, bottling lines, Devon asks a question! Too far too fast, no time to be hammered, drinking for the kids, favorite beers, Dorst has Snake Bite, Rye IPA, ebbs and flows of beers, next big thing on the horizon, naming rules of beer, Super Blast, marketing of beers is key, breweries selling out, last of the indie beers, historical characters, H.G Wells, Ben Franklin, Dorst is wrong, Monday morning drinking, back woods brewery, estate beers, Facebook tags George wrong, sleep, family or brewing.

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