Episode 145: #MorePouch 2: The Pouchening


This episode contains: We’re not supposed to be here tonight, live show recap, interview, sour facility, snakebite, no one knows what a podcast is, more Pouch, dedication, exclusive comic con shit, Pouch losses his breath, Hall H, press pass, ninja into Hall H, Comic Con Cops, cosplay porn, glory ceiling, technical difficulties, Ben’s jerkoff requirements, Witch Blade, shilling for Amazon, Pouch is overwhelmed with emotion, BvS, DC movie tone, Justice League, Aquaman, Flash, levity and Batman, Wonder Women, Lego Batman, Suicide Squad, Harry Potter, 5000+ wands, comic book writer interview, Kevin Smith in Hall H, telling the same stories, ageism, Stan Lee story, how old is Pouch?, Hall “Fucking” H, we’ve done enough podcasts this week, Zika

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