Episode 154: Cyclops Cowboy


This episode contains: Where’s Iota?, Fantastic Beats and Buttholes, Order of the Phoenix, cum certified, sound effects, stating the obvious, “hate watch” a TV show, butt chugging, too much TV, Luke Cage, slow starts, origin stories, Luke cage compared to other Marvel shows, Jessica Jones, sex and violence, Luke busts a nut, chocolate nipples, 70s film making, acting, Heroes for Hire, Civil War, rating Marvel TV shows, recording tech, Westworld, Ben flashes back, movie had different lands, movie synopsis, repetition, Cyclops cowboy, contemporary music, Netflix crashed, defending Trump is hard, Old Man’s War, The Wacko of the Week, grandpa love, no pictures, creepy quote, homeless drunks, new CJN email, chicken nuggets, stalking or flirting, more spelling errors, lesbian threesome, college experiences, condoms and porn.

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