Episode 155: Dysfunctional Podcasters


This episode contains: Special guest Clint!, Geek Dig, lots of episodes, ultimate movie monster, stabbed in the back, loyalty, podcast experiences, Ben is mad, RSP, financial issues, taxes, watching last ep of Luke Cage, Devon’s kryptonite: Giants game, tweeting, scalability, being in the red, burning out, taking a break, Clint does 4 podcasts, show prep, caring too much, starting a fight, interacting with listeners, advertisers, having passion, consistency, Ben turns red, more fighting, Clint’s tweeting suggestions, quality show notes (like these!), generic tweets, War Pod, bonus shows, make-up sex, more kids, corporate taxes, keeping the lights on, Pure BS Porn Cast, interns and insurance, CJN is a terrible prostitute, Clint’s love life, being hairy, grey hair, geek dating websites, The Corn Belt, Iota hooks Clint up, The Hunt for Cunt, Clint has street cred, Clint dated a genius, we get racist, CA is beautiful, breaking up, the greater good, kidney transplant story, Serial Killer Clint, fight reprise, 50 Shades text generator, plugs.

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