Episode 158: Back in the Saddle


This episode contains: Anniversaries, posting regularly, Dropping Loads, SPJ, Halloween, YouTube and copyrights, condolences, long bumpers, shit show at Ben’s, Halloween party, Steven blacking out, baby sitter or stripper, Dixon comes through, drinking, riblets, late night partying, bonfire, making napalm, Anarchist Cookbook, VHS porn, classic porn, same stupid ad, Steven’s Dad’s B-day, Christmas is already taking over, no Thanksgiving decorations, political correctness, Ben is the least racist person in the country, defending Thanksgiving, Ben explains liberal guilt to Steven, the election, both candidates are terrible, it’s down to a coin flip, impeachment, Wacko of the Week, Kesarin Chaichalermpol, porn is illegal in Thailand, quitting porn, marrying an old guy, “Black don’t crack,” being a hooker/wife, too fat to see your own dick, Logan, red band trailer, X-23, Steven’s diet and alcohol processing, more Logan, Alien: Resurrection, Wolverine is dead, X-Men may have run its course, retconning, rating the X-Men movies, time travel’s a bitch, X-Men and Bond, Batman v. James Bond Show, Marvel TV characters not in movies for a reason, Doctor Strange, future of MCU, Spider-Man origins again, Steven bets there’s no flashbacks in the next Spider-Man movie, nice bottle of whisky v. two growler fills, plugs.

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