Episode 159: Election Night


This episode contains: Deportation, election night recording, Steven’s first time voting, taking a deep breath, elections are not only every four years, all elections are important, Hillary victory party, Trump leading, possible recounts, voting, third party, Bernie Sanders, House of Cards, Hillary’s crookedness, Electoral College, we’re depressed, leftist Hollywood, social media, first streamed election, red electoral map, calling each state, what a Trump administration will look like, healthcare, Obamacare, people really dislike Hillary, political quiz, the gold standard, death penalty, federal income taxes, Citizens United, immigration, boarder wall, sanctuary city, Syrian refugees, minimum wage, drone strikes, NSA, affirmative action, Jill Stein, Ben is pro death penalty, due process issues, assisted suicide, back to the election, legal weed, background checks for ammo, podcasting is hard, plugs.

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