Episode 032: A Brother Named Fisher

...and then comes the running and the screaming.
…and then comes the running and the screaming.

Recorded on June 6th, 2014

This episode contains: Don Q Puerto Rican Rum, coke float, happy Father’s Day, adopting kids, huge families, watching kids in the pool, moles, What’s Steven into this week?, The Forest, Steam Greenlight, survival game fetish, Cataclysm, Fallout, E3, Electronics Entertainment Expo, Star Wars Battlefront, multiplayer games, Dorst hates things, Titanfall silence, Left 4 Dead, Evolve, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed Unity, French Revolution talk, Pseudo- game, Let’s Test Steven’s Blind Spot, Stanley Cup, World Cup, US Open, Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs, air conditioning, pride and money, D’s get Degrees, new NY Nicks Coach Derek Fisher, Leia’s brother, 2/6, Falcons.

The Forest


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