Episode 066: Rent of Horse

This image should be terrifying.
This image is more terrifying than you realize.

This episode contains: Sloane is back!, HoJo, the awesome onesie trash present, Steven the domestic engineer, up the front, heavy washing hands, naked time, breaking the dishes and getting grounded, kneeling on rice, quinoa the super green hippy rice, green tea IPA, pussy tasting, eating clean, Montezuma’s Revenge, Monty’s second wedding, Mexican travel, the beach shack, sangria and tequila, hurricane cactus debris, barefoot and bloody, stray dogs, only one song in Mexico, TJ, how to make Menudo, pool of blood, MTV grind, following the horse, riding the donkey, Don Quixote, woman’s intuition, convincing the Mexican pervert to take you back to your husband, sizing up the tiny men, pork chops, Mayan midgets, wonderful wives and freshly baked cookies, the size of Steven’s manhood, smelling farts and buttholes, blaming farts on dogs, the Turkish Baths, getting a schvitz.





Instagram: iamsloanesteel

Reddit: /u/sloanetheporngal

Los Nietos – Coqueta (YouTube)

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