Episode 067: Throwing Rubber

How could two people even FIT back there?
How could two people even FIT back there?

This episode contains: 1967 Mustang test drive story, borrowing money, bank loans, sex in the back seat of Charlie’s convertible Mustang, Bernadette -> Betty -> Bernadette -> Betty -> Frog, spermicidal lubricant, throwing rubber, dead prairie dogs, another Karen story, PBS historians, the Wiki challenge, another backseat story, no regrets on not sticking dick in crazy, blowing loads, highest rated Super Bowl ever, deflate gate, chat about the big game, the Bobby Wagner story, flipping the aggression switch, a case of the DEs, sick Steven is too relaxed, Google wants to buy Uber, how Uber works, surge pricing, self driving Google Uber cars,  all the self driving cars and legal issues, 50k autonomous, 30k electric,  doubling the commute, Dorst’s morning and evening commute, what an at home parent is really worth, the Patreon thank you, we hear from Ludwig from Germany and Courtney the Quadfather.

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