Episode 068: Arcing Ropes

Soundboard this.
Soundboard this.

This episode contains: Super Special Patreon Guest Courtney of the QuadCast, listeners and subscribers, dildos, donations, The Don and Mike Show, The Mike O’Meara Show, Big O and Dukes, how Steven and Ben met, white elephant party, Devon’s R2-D2, podcast times, the epic soundboard, Sloane Steel and old episodes, three mics and seven figures, getting the joke, the tragic story of Freda’s death, marketing the show, the opening door, recording from AM tuner to VCR to cassette tape, WJFK and syndication, cross promotion, fighting for air time, bonus shows, Amazon plug, the art of talking, Kevin Smith and studying a storyteller, how QuadCast records, the soundboard technical setup, mailing cassettes, how we generate content, microphone snobs, YouTube subscribers and interviews, Ezekiel 25:17, our Star Wars commentaries, when QuadCast records, the best-ofs, untapped and Sierra Nevada, four way IPA, beer dicks, Twitter followers.



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