Episode 069: Still the One

Part of this image is true. No blood though…

Recorded February 16th, 2015

This episode contains: Sloane Steel on the phone, mic troubles, Apple Trojan, 1969 Mustang talk, Tom Petty song, private school, Radford Kustoms, Valentine’s Day gifts, M&M talk, peanut butter, crispy, gay pretzels, birthday cake, Oreos, Paul fucked up, audio balloons, Feb 15 flowers, half a blow job, cake, card, TMJD and adderall, wedding cake toppers, surf and turf, Millennium Falcon steak, film school dork, B&W nude photos, foreign films, Toxic Avenger and Evil Dead, naked in the woods with fake blood and tied to a tree, the golden breasts, Bachelor dinner, the giving cookie, shaving backs and body hair, bush and soft lip, stimulating the mind, negging works, flip flops, sexy toes and pedicures, nail art and French tips, 50 shades, finger blasting, poorly written Twilight fan fiction, all lubed up, flow, bucket fucking, red tent of shame, extra 24 hrs, chum circle, annoying texting, creepy cousin picture, Boston ghost story, Hollyhood Cemetery, secret play room, snow-pocalypse, Fenway and buried cars,  Dragon costume, mermaid Barbie and sports competitions, Star Wars attraction, quizzing Sloane on the MCU, selling properties, the Age of Backwards, Spider-Man in Civil War, the Origin of Spider-Man as told by Sloane Steel, Spyderia and Egypt and boob touching, Evil Don Cheadle vs The New Spider King, Lizzie Olson.

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