Episode 070: It’s Made for Women

There can be only one Earl of Grantham.


Recorded February 23rd, 2015

This episode contains: episodes flying by, Disney visit, call to the BSers, valeting the car and tips, the funny one, Edna thinks Ben is famous, booting in the bushes, buying a cartoon sized TV, 65″ of love, TV calculation, projectors and latency, 4K talk, curved TVs and 3D TVs, first day of Domestic Engineer Steven, Annabel and the Mail Woman, last 30 minutes always goes to hell, Downton Abby, House of Cards, Steven tries to explain Downton Abbey to Dorst, 1800s, stealing a snuff box, Professor McGonagall, millions of viewers, enough time to tell their story, Outlander, clucking women, terrible husbands, The Thrones, Ben DOES read (in the summer time), Outlander summary via Dorst, Highlander, time travel, cutting off heads, too chicky, Arrow and Ra’s al Ghul, more viewer numbers, the Oscars and Birdman, Michael Keaton and Batman, Jared Leto as the new Joker, crazy eyes, Suicide Squad possible plot, what DC could do if Dawn of Justice fails, Affleck at the Oscars, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Blu Carson tease for next week, Ludwig from Germany plug.

Visit Verbalverkehr.net if you’re into scheiße

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