Episode 071: Keep Your Socks On

How Ben and Steven craft this show.

Recorded March 2nd, 2015

This episode contains: Screwed up schedules, hungry babies, mystery mass, half eaten gophers and their stuffing, Dorst’s neighborhood cat Eyeless, differences between cats and dogs, Eyeless the survivor, cat attitude, vegetarian panic, lions eating kale salads, more things Ben & Steven have in common, DLP’s newest episode, what’s wrong with DLP’s website, Bang Bros, our alter egos, Ness vs. SPJ vs Paco, Pouches real name, DLP/PBS crossover, what’s Bridie doing, Blu Carson interview, Steven’s hard-on, Blu’s nighttime routine, naked sleep requests, orgasm sock equation, star fishing, Blu’s prepared material, drinking at Disneyworld, Mickey ears, Disney’s specialty cocktails, man drinks, Blu’s origin story, Walt Disney’s disembodied head, Leonard Kinsey, Penthouse Magazine, Disney hentai, BDSM Minnie, Blu the dom, PBS touretts, sex in the Disney parks, Dorst’s Disney stories, Disney social groups, Disney’s 60th anniversary, breathy Blu, cat shit play-doh, laughing at twitter, HUGE Science Faction plug, single biome planets in science fiction, number of planets in our solar system, Steven in the lead chair, PBS secret show.


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