Episode 072: Furious Neverbeast

furious neverbeast
The ULTIMATE Crossover Event!

Recorded March 9th, 2015

This episode contains: Living to 72; guaranteed or roll the dice with the chance to live longer, thinking about death, beers in college, Dorst’s funeral, corpse shots, photoshop skills, PS battles, reddit dicks, Twitter fun, mom’s listening to the show, Wasted the Show plug, DLP again, DLP/PBS crossover, terrible stories, busting balls, Edna’s going to be a first grader, counting in weeks, Bubba’s vocabulary, Steven’s dad doing math, transition to Fast & Furious talk, Steven’s Fast & Furious marathon, sexy Paul Walker, Steven recaps ALL the Fast & Furious movies for Dorst, CG in FF movies, Steven’s heist boner, Lompoc, Samoan Thor, the ridiculousness of the series, Vin Diesel vs The Rock, dude fun, continuity of Star Wars vs FF, we both agree FF movies are just good fun, Paul Walker CG, Vin Diesel’s internet persona, Steven’s one problem with FF, The Tinker Bell movie series’, the Neverbeast, Steven never cries, Dorst is always crying.






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