Episode 077: Neck Beards

3fe25b7fe0af06f2b9efb7e6110a4e41511005cf084242809def23d428355215Recorded April 13th, 2015

What happened in 1977?  #NerdGhetto, Steven does not know what the Concord is, Voyager 1, SFP on PBS, where is the edge of our solar system?, the definition of A.U., the speed of light, voyager.jpl.nasa.gov, we talk about Furious 7 again, from Pablo, of Pablo, how many FF movies can they make?, Vin Diesel’s age, we fall down the FF wormhole again, PBS is a FF companion show, FF facts, is FF the center of the movie universe?,  Star Wars trailer, BSPN BONUS SHOW, Ultron and the nerds who want to ruin it, nerd most wanted, nerd traits, Ex Machina, Black Mirror, Dorst Geek Dig appearance, movies today and making money, Mallrats 2, Affleck in the new Mallrats, Ant-Man trailer, Daredevil on Netflix, MCU and TV show crossovers, Spider-Man, the aging MCU, Grey Hulk, Spider-Man TV show, the Netflix model, apology to the Kiwi’s, Steven stabs his desk, internet trying to spoil everything, GoT recap, Terminator movies, originality in Sci-Fi, predictions and bets. 


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