Episode 078: Teasing the Jury

Which movie trailer is the best? Deliberation begins.
Which movie trailer is the best? Deliberation begins.

Recorded April 20th, 2015

This episode contains: Star Wars special show, we try to end the show, technology crush videos, has our show hit rock bottom?, Dropping BS brodown, painting with the n-word, Americas penis, Wanda Sykes, Jacksonville, cruise ships for hotel rooms, “Docking”, types of circumcision, more tease for the brodown, pegging, can Dorst take a strap on, strap on blowjobs, El Henno, Dan Blizerian, what we think Henno looks like, non-edited edits, Dorst crying, juries, professional jurors, Steven’s jury experience, the unemployed should be jurors, senior citizens, Steven is obsessed with movie trailers, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Fantastic 4 reboot, Ant-man, Jurassic World, spoilers for How to Train Your Dragon 2, Spectre and Goldeneye, we grade all the trailers, Star Wars Battlefront, Dorst can’t read.

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