Episode 079: Get Money

DLP_PBS_part 2

Recorded Aptril 25th, 2015

This episode contains: The epic conclusion to the Dropping Pure BS: The Brodown crossover event spectacular! Featuring: BigBigDickSteve, Fred Dorst, WildCraft, Milky, SPJ and Pouch! The brodown continues with Shooting Blanks, where the teams answer multiple choice questions of porn titles that have one word missing. Then we move on to Twittersperation, where the teams have to guess if the quote is from Twitter, or ia a line from a movie. The next item was supposed to be a rap battle, but the BS team didn’t write any and attempt subterfuge by asking personal questions to the DLP boys. And of course, they pound us into the ground with their awesome raps.

Listen to Part 1 here!!!



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