Episode 080: Listener Appreciation


Recorded May 4th, 2015

This episode contains: What we thought would happen when we started doing the show, where we are now, circus clowns, things we’ve done since we started the show, old stinger references, Steven takes the baby to a liquor store, session beers, good booze, soccer corner, La Liga, Premier League, Champions League, Steven needs to get into a sport, drag racing, no one cares about Age of Ultron, bet payoff, Henno sent us “something”, new contest prize, Bald Doug, Doug and Henno get it, cock ones, our demographic, inside jokes, letter corner, Travis, @bobtheskul, misspelled words, sugar bottle party, Steven plays with the edits, cock ones again, could we find new wives now?  Criminal Justice Nick, racist jokes, Baltimore, empty stadiums, professional jurors, Devon fails us again, motive vs. intent, “The Juror”, @nickcburgess, Dorst on twitter, Steven guilt’s the listeners, @eternaldriver, Dorst is famous, Steven’s Age of Ultron review, 3D vs. 2D, trailer vs. movie, Avengers end game, what comes next, Spider-Man, stick around for the stinger.


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