Episode 081: A Peasant’s Death

6f5487b5f86d6586733876129c9d1ee6Recorded May 11th, 2015

Playing with knobs, why don’t we make jokes about the show number anymore? Steven’s not a racist, Mexican food vs. BBQ, white people discounts, why is race still a big deal?  publicity turns into politics, rap artists, Dorst is sad because of the Internet, cruise missile solution, how many people are on Twitter?  Happy Birthday Julia, what our kids will be like, Steven only saw black people on Sesame Street, Rosco Olmonde  /Gordon Robinson, Steven’s mother’s day recap, Dorst’s special sauce, smoked salt and cheese, Julia’s Mother’s Day, Dorst’s Julia voice, buying furniture, Steven talks like Ben now, nasty pictures, Julia runs interference, power couches, pushy salesman, buying a car sucks, salesman are outdated, horse fucked, terrible google results, Star Wars Rebels, Steven buys Legos, why does no one watch Rebels, #spoilers, Disney is smart, Daredevil is good, The Bet.


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