Episode 082: Choreography of Chaos

MAD_MAX_INSPIRED_ARTISTSR ecorded May 18th, 2015

This episode contains: Numerology, Dorst took a David Lynch class, California writing test, making a Lynch movie, Dennis Hopper is dead, Twin Peaks, fire bush, watching porn with strangers, Lynch movie suggestions, Steven watches movies alone, picking scabs, Steven can’t speak, Fury Road vs. Pitch Perfect 2, “Pitches”, Dorst is in a mood, Steven Loves Mad Max, Steven remembers everything, Fury Road reveiw, Mad Max vehicles, Fury Road is Steven’s favorite movie of 2015, Dorst doesn’t want to bet anymore, Mad Max release was bad timing, orginal Mad Max movies, Mad Max may have had too big a budget, was Mad Max too smart?  Dorst in trafic, no one knows how to drive in the rain, Edna thinks that traffic is her fault, Dorst thinks traffic tickets should be free, logic classes, Dorst preaches, melding/merging, stressed from driving, symbiotic relationships, animal prisons, more dumb people, teaching Edna a life lesson, bubble people, it’s the end of days, selfie rants.  HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT.

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