Episode 083: Grinding


This episode contains: Steven’s name, why we celebrate Memorial Day, Saving Private Ryan, Captain America, Dorst’s cousin lost a leg in Iraq, battlefield injuries, knee joints, prosthetic leg jokes, Steven’s weekend, another wedding, open bar at the wedding, Steven doesn’t think gay weddings are a big deal, Ben & Ro, California gay marriage laws, PowerPoint vows, protection of the sanctity of marriage, Dorst tells people to piss off, leave your kids on Dorst’s doorstep, everything is just jokes, Dorst’s model marriage is a gay couple, Dorst’s things, Steven offends people and we don’t care, Dorst is going to be a Godfather, Science Parents, conservative priests, Dorst questions whether he should be a Godfather, long distance relationships, residencies after medical school, education, grinding, everything is earned, mac and cheese, baking soda toothpaste, Sloane text messages, Steven does a Dorst voice, more Fury Road discussions, amazing Sloane quote, Sloane lives the life of a rapper, awkward pauses, more Fury Road discussions, Dorst does not think Fury Road is a Mad Max movie, Steven defends Fury Road, Steven thinks Dorst is flawed, who gets Dorst’s testicles, Dorst keeps moving the goal posts on Fury Road (thanks Devon), will we remember Fury Road, OH NO MORE FAST AND FURIOUS, upcoming movies, flashbacks to ep. 000, Steven is embarrassed, Pokemon, Magic the card game, Dorst argues with himself, Dorst is done, lets play Magic together, we give the show a 4/5, Arrow and Agents of Shield.


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