Episode 090: Tones Slits


Recorded July 13th, 2015

This episode contains: Pulling back the curtain, Dorst’s Elvis impersonation, meat curtains, Julia, failed equipment, bad mic techniques, mail bag, old episodes, listener criticism, mail from Ludwig, mic technique again, Patreon update, expansion of the bonus shows, amount of content we’ve put out so far, more email, Europe, our European following, funny super hero comics, SDCC 2015 recap, Batman v. Superman, Ben Affleck gets a divorce, celebrity couples, credit given to Steven, having a crisis, Superman Red Sun, Academy Awards for comic book movies, Dorst can’t speak, Suicide Squad trailer, Steven hates the Joker, versions of the Joker, Arrow, mumbly Batman, cartoon Batman, Batman’s parents are dead…again, practical effects, Minion movie kills, turds fighting, timing of the next Star Wars trailer, rated R comic book movies, Steven explains Deadpool, Green Lantern, The Killing Joke, going into comic book shops, voices of Batman, dehydration from cum, Steven tells us about The Killing Joke, Marvel Unlimited, Jen and Devon are getting married.



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