Episode 096: Free Lippin’ It


This episode contains: Live on Periscope!, post live live show show, DLP 100th episode, thanks to Bang the Drum, Patreon, bonus show, Ben apologizes, Road Worrier video game, Stevens addiction, off-season movie dump, why games based on movies suck, video game production, Destiny gross, Episode 7 possible weekend numbers, Ben’s shitty story, sexism, how to use a plunger, Steven’s hairy story, sly comments, Sloane’s pubic area, free lippin’ it, sexual chemistry in RSP, listener email, squirting, The plight of Martine Domingues, email from Nick, public education issues, writing criticism, Steven puts the kibosh on IRL, we ask for pics of Nicks girlfriend, college dorm stories, Ben would have manned up and had a threesome, Ben’s panties story, Steven’s first drunk sexual experience (was amazing, apparently)

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