Episode 097: Raising Pussies

2BB8513000000578-3213440-Boxed_out_Superheroes_are_often_fodder_for_lunchbox_covers_but_o-a-1_1440713556681This episode contains: Elephant noises, Edna’s a dick, Wonder Woman, violent images, a nation of pussies, dangerous vaginas, bronies, horsetail buttplugs, show research, other violent characters, shit banned from planes, knitting needle shanks, the PC world, jungle gym violence, Bart Simpson, Beavis and Butthead, normal society, Dukes of Hazzard, Big Wheels, common sense, Dorst sings, the power of flags, Steven in angry, Notch love, Minecraft, giant corporations, empty side of success, if we hit it big, grinding, playing golf, first world problems, rich people, whining, the man with the worlds largest penis, the woes of a giant penis in Mexico, giant balls, Steven’s dick, grower, gym dicks, questions from Periscope!

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