Episode 098: Reflections in an Anal Bead


This episode contains: What episode is it?, being old with a cold, GeekDig grinding, Clint being stabbed in the back, Henno email, Fuck Rope, reflection of Henno in anal bead, angry email/reaction to last week’s episode, school administrators and parenting, the why of higher education, what we wanted to be when we grew up, Labor Day Weekend, gigantic Jenga, beer and cider, playing games on Periscope, the art and joy of BBQing, wild meat chat, eating horse or dog, more listener email, small town arson, grammar improvement, “I’m not going to kill a bitch but I’mma gonna wing a mother fucker,” Second Amendment in action, a whole new level of fucked up, Sangria/Santeria, Criminal Justice Nick and his girlfriend, 1701 shares a sad story (fake), our first experiences with porn, Ben violates himself for 8 hours, porn for men and women, Periscope Q&A, two guys one horse, two girls one cup, Kim Davis (fuck that bitch), After the Gold Rush by Miles Greb

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