Episode 099: I Got 99 Problems but My Wife Ain’t One

2015-09-21 22.36.32

This episode contains: No Dorst, special guest Martine Domingues, no shit to pimp, The Drunken Sister, Steven and Martine make a baby, special treatment for the pregnant, Martine and Dorst, sexual harassment, casual racism, Dorst’s sexism, defining feminism, high school friends, chemicals and artificial sweeteners, Martine is excited for Star Wars (sarcasm), Steven’s Lego addiction, things get real, Steven’s video game addiction, Martine was not happy Steven spent 6 hours playing Mad Max while she was working, Steven’s hobbies, what does it mean to be a productive member of society?, Legos and video games are the only things keeping Steven from killing us all, putting effort into creative base careers, Steven’s path of least resistance, big picture v small picture, Martine the Tetris Champ, hardcore grounding, boy crazy, what podcasts Martine doesn’t listen to

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